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The War Underground

The war underground was a highly secret affair which, unlike the great battles raging on the surface, remained unreported by the newspapers.  This hidden war left many scars still visible today.  Our professional guides are experienced in the subject from studying memoirs, war diaries, scheme plans and being involved in ongoing archaeological projects.

Starting on the Ramparts at Ypres we discuss the history of siege warfare through the ages taking us up to the start of the Great War.  

Next we head south to Messines where we see ample evidence of offensive military mining.  We discuss in depth the events preceding one of the most spectacular openings to a battle when, on 7 June 1917, nineteen mines exploded, destroying the Germans defensive capabilities on Messines Ridge.

Heading northwards we stop at various sites of interest including Petit Bois, The Bluff and Hill 60, all of which are areas of great historical importance for the Tunnellers’ war. Your guide will explain many of the techniques employed by miners in their cramped, demanding and entirely personal underground battlefield. Ending at the area around the village of Hooge on the Menin Road, itself a fiercely contested mining area, your guide will orientate you and convey stories as you visit the nearby cemeteries, memorials and surviving concrete shelters.

This tour brings to life the history of the forgotten ‘moles’ who took the fight to the enemy underground. The history of the ‘moles’ will come alive through their amazing stories of courage, forbearance and endeavour.

Our full day ‘The War Underground’ vehicle tour starts at £250 for up to 4 people.
For variations to the itinerary or larger groups please email or see our Tour Options/Prices page.