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Thorn In Our Side

The heavily fortified village of Guillemont was described by General Haig as a real thorn in the British side. The village formed a section of the German second line defence at the strategically important junction between the British and French Armies.

The German Army were not willing to give it up easily and without a significant fight.  Thousands of men from both sides were killed or wounded during the prolonged fighting between July and September 1916.  Today the fields are littered with sharp shell splinters, shrapnel ,bullets  and live ordnance, real evidence of its once lethal past.

We start the walk by discussing the desperate fighting within the confines of Trones Wood.  We study the eventual capture and consolidation of the wood by the men of the 18th Eastern Division on July 14th, lead by the courageous Lt Col Maxwell VC.

Moving away from Trones Wood we walk on ground that can only be described as the ‘killing fields’ close to the German Second Line.  From the sunken lane your guide will convey the amazing stories of those who survived and died this hell on earth, men such as Ernest Junger the commander and only survivor of his platoon.

In Guillemont itself we talk about the German defenders living underground trying to escape the almost constant British storm of steel. During the walk we will study the various tactics employed by both sides, we specifically look at artillery and communication. We will also visit Guillemont Road Cemetery and pay our respects to some of the men who paid the ultimate price.

Our full day ‘Guillemont’ Somme walking tour starts at £150 for up to 4 people.
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