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Somme 1916 Tours

For more detailed information relating to each individual tour please follow the links below. Our Somme vehicle and walking tours start at 150 for up to 4 people. For variations to the itinerary or larger groups please email or see our Tour Options/Prices page.For detailed information relating to each individual tour please follow the links below.  Our Somme vehicle and walking tours start at £150 for up to 4 people.
For variations to the itinerary or larger groups please email or see our Tour Options/Prices page

Somme Vehicle / Minibus Tours

Somme Orientation Tour
Designed for the first time visitor, we visit the major Somme battlefield sites and we give you a greater understanding of the area through the war years from 1914 to 1918 and after.  

Victoria Crosses of the Somme
This tour visits locations and recalls some of the most courageous acts of gallantry performed during the Battle of the Somme.

Tanks on the Somme
A great opportunity to find out about the development and involvement of tanks or ‘landships’ - the expected `war winning weapon’.

The War Underground
This tour explores the advent and development of the most secret of wars - underground warfare – with stops at remaining mining areas, mine craters and, when open, underground tunnel systems.

Somme Walking Tours

From the Sports Field to the Battlefield
Follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous sportsmen of their generation. We look at the football battalions such as McCrae`s Battalion (16th Royal Scots) and 17th Middlesex (1st Footballers).  All fought like professional soldiers on the Somme, gaining a reputation for courage and self sacrifice.
Somme Walking Tours

The Struggle for Thiepval Ridge
Walk in the footsteps of the ‘Pals’ and 36th (Ulster) Division’s attack on the First Day of the Battle of the Somme, culminating in the final capture of Thiepval Ridge three months later.

Success at Montauban
This walk covers the success of the 30th and the 18th Divisions on the First Day of the 1916 Somme battle and provides a great opportunity to study the difference in tactics between success and failure.

The Fight for Fricourt
We take a close looks at the story of the Fricourt sector during 1915 and 1916, culminating in the commencement of the Battle of the Somme and the capture of the village. We look closely at the German side of the wire.

The Road to Ginchy
This walk covers the series of events after the capture of Montauban on 1 July 1916. The route then follows the British attacks past Trônes Wood towards Guillemont and Ginchy, including the seven Victoria Crosses gained along the way.

Bazentin Ridge to the Hell of High Wood
One of our favourites, this walk takes in so much history within a compact area. We start with the surprise night attack by 22,000 British troops on 14 July 1916 and continue through the often disastrous but nevertheless valiant attempts to take the heavily defended High Wood. We conclude with another British success, the Battle of Flers – Courcelette.

Tank Attack
Another interesting walk which follows the exact path of the first ever Tank action, from the approach route to the line of departure in the area of Delville Wood. We then follow the `tank tracks` to the village of Flers, discussing the relative success and failure of these machines, named ‘Devils Chariots’ by the Germans.

The Bloody Fields of Redan Ridge
An amazing place to walk with its fantastic views and history.  We explore the stories behind the disaster here on 1 July and the successful attack on 13 November 1916.  The walk culminates near Frankfurt Trench where we look at the action of one hundred brave men who held the trench for a week, despite being cut off from British support.  

The Pals Story
‘Two years in the making, ten minutes in the destroying’. This moving walk is dedicated to Kitchener’s volunteers, starting in the rear areas before moving forward to the front line at Serre, following the route taken by the ‘Pals’ all those years ago.  

The Thorn in our Side
The heavily fortified village of Guillemont was a real thorn in the British side.  The area from Trônes Wood to Guillemont was the scene of intense fighting for two months.  This walk follows in the footsteps of these epic actions in the high summer of 1916. 

The Guards Division
This walk concentrates on the fighting in September 1916 commencing with the capture of Ginchy and the VCs won in the vicinity. It then takes a look at the 15 September attack and the first use of tanks in battle before continuing on towards Lesboeufs.

Attack on the Ancre
(The story of the Royal Naval Division) COMING SOON

(Ivor Maxse VC and the 18th Division) COMING SOON

Regina Trench to Boom Ravine
(Mud, blood and cold steel) COMING SOON

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