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Bazentin Ridge to the Hell of High Wood

This walk covers so much history in such a compact area. We start with the surprise night attack by 22,000 British troops on 14 July 1916. The French feared the attack was doomed to failure; however it was a master stroke, capturing the Bazentin Ridge, and can be viewed as one of the British successes during the Somme offensive.

Positions won that day left the British facing High Wood. The next phase of battle was two months through the high summer as the British attempted to capture `The Hell of High Wood`.  The walk continues following the often disastrous but valiant attempts to take the heavily defended wood.

We conclude with another British success, the battle of Flers–Courcelette on 15 September when the last shattered remains of High Wood were captured from the Germans. This walk offers some of the best views on the Somme battlefield and our local experienced guide will really put you in the picture to what happened all those years ago.

Our ‘Bazentin Ridge to the Hell of High Wood’ Somme walking tour starts at £150.

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