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There are numerous American memorials and military cemeteries in Northern France. We have compiled a list with some of the battlefield sites you may wish to visit.

Through our experience we have found that it is far easier for you to provide us with a simple wish list of sites you would like to visit by completing our American Tours Enquiry Form.  Great War Tours can then advise on a suitable cost effective tour using the information provided.  Alternatively we can recommend several one, two or three day tours.

We will arrange for one of our experienced guides to pick you up at a pre-arranged location, drive you to your chosen sites and drop you off at the same or a different pre-arranged location.

Belleau Wood & Aisne-Marne American Cemetery

The Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial is a 42-acre World War One cemetery standing at the foot of the hill where the Battle of Belleau Wood was fought in June 1918. There is a Memorial Chapel built over the site of front-line battle trenches dug in defence of Belleau Wood. American forces suffered heavily and the names of 1,060 soldiers missing in action are inscribed on the chapel's walls. There are 2,288 burials in the cemetery. Belleau Wood still shows the scars of battle with many shell holes and trenches still extant. Captured German artillery pieces now surround a memorial to the US Marines.

  • Belleau Wood Trenches
  • German Captured Trench Mortar
  • Lt Osborne Medal of Honour
  • Sgt Mjr Dan Daley USMC

Bellicourt American Monument & Somme American Cemetery

The 14-acre Somme American Cemetery is situated on a gentle slope typical of the open, rolling Picardy countryside. The cemetery is named after the region in which the American 1st, 27th, 30th, 33rd and 80th Divisions and the 6th and the 11th Engineers fought during the period between March 1917 and September 1918. It is the final resting-place of many of the American war dead who fought at Cambrai, Hamel, in front of Amiens and during the Hindenburg Offensive.

  • American 30th Division Memorial Bellicourt
  • Bellicourt American Memorial

Cantigny American Monument

Standing in the centre of the village captured in the attack, this monument commemorates the first offensive operation by a large American unit in May 1918. The monument consists of a white stone shaft on a platform surrounded by an attractive park, developed and maintained by the Commission. The quiet, peaceful surroundings give no hint of the bitter hand to hand fighting which took place nearby many years ago.

  • Catigny 1st US Division
  • Gen John Pershing
  • Cantigny Monument
  • Catigny Doughboy Memorial

Chateau-Thierry American Monument

Commanding a wide view of the valley of the Marne River the memorial is situated on Hill 204. In 1918, the 2nd and 3rd United States Infantry Divisions took part in heavy fighting around the area during the Second Battle of the Marne. The monument consists of a double colonnade rising above a long terrace. An English inscription reads, "This monument has been erected by the United States of America to commemorate the services of her troops and those of France who fought in this region during the World War. It stands as a lasting symbol of the friendship and cooperation between the French and American Armies." On its east facade is a map showing American military operations that took place in the region and an orientation table pointing out the significant battle sites.

  • Aisne Marne Memorial
  • Aisne Marne Memorial
  • USMC
  • Aisne Marne Memorial

Montfaucon American Monument

Montfaucon American Monument consists of a massive granite Doric column, surmounted by a statue symbolic of Liberty, which towers more than 200 feet above the war ruins of the former village.  It commemorates the American victory during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive during the period 26 September to 11 November 1918, when the American First Army forced the enemy to conduct a general retreat on this front. On the walls of the foyer are an engraved map of the operations with a narrative and a special tribute to the American troops who served here.  The observation platform on top of the memorial is reached by 234 steps and affords magnificent views of this battlefield. To the rear of the memorial is a German observation tower camouflaged amongst the ruins of an old church.

  • Montfaucon Pill Box
  • Montfaucon Memorial view of the ruined village
  • Montfaucon Memorial internal stairs
  • Aisne Marne Memorial

Montsec American Monument (St Mihiel Salient)

Montsec American Monument is located on the isolated hill of Montsec. This majestic monument, commemorating the achievements of the American soldiers who fought in this region in 1917 and 1918, dominates the landscape for miles around.  It consists of a classic circular colonnade with a broad approach stairway.  Within its centre is a bronze relief map of the St. Mihiel salient, illustrating the military operations that took place there.  The monument was slightly damaged during World War II, but has been repaired.  From this vantage point it is possible to see remains of trenches used during the fighting.

  • US 1st Division Memorial St Mihiel Salient
  • Monsec Memorial Bronze Battle Map
  • Monsec Memorial from a distance
  • Monsec Memorial

St Mihiel American Cemetery

St. Mihiel American Cemetery contains the graves of 4,153 of American military dead from World War One. The majority of these died in the offensive that resulted in the reduction of the St. Mihiel salient that threatened Paris. The burial area is divided by Linden alignment trees and paths into four equal plots. At the centre is a large sundial surmounted by an American eagle. To the right (west) is a statue of a World War One soldier and at the eastern end is a semi-circular overlook dominated by a sculpture representing a victory vase.

Beyond the burial area to the south is the white stone memorial consisting of a small chapel, a peristyle with a large rose-granite funeral urn at its centre, and a map building. The chapel contains a beautiful mosaic portraying an angel sheathing his sword. On two walls of the museum are recorded the names of 284 of the missing. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified. On the wall facing the door is a large map of inlaid marble depicting the St. Mihiel Offensive.

  • St Mihiel Cemetery
  • St Mihiel Cemetery Memorial
  • St Mihiel Cemetery
  • St Mihiel Cemetery

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial

The Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery contains the largest number of American military dead in Europe (14,246), most of who lost their lives during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Two such notable burials are Medal of Honour awardees Lt. Frank Luke, "The Balloon Buster" who was the first airman to receive the Medal of Honour and Corporal Freddie Stowers, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honour 73 years after his death in action. The cemetery consists of eight sections behind a large central reflection pool. Beyond the grave sections is a chapel decorated with stained glass windows depicting American units' insignias. Along the walls of the chapel area are the tablets of the missing which include the names of those soldiers who fought in the region and in northern Russia, but have no known grave.

  • Meuse Argonne Cemetery
  • Meuse Argonne Memorial to the missing
  • Meuse Argonne Cemetery
  • Meuse Argonne Memorial to the missing
  • Freddie Stowers Medal of Honor

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial

The Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial in France contains the remains of 6,012 American war dead, most of whom lost their lives while fighting in this vicinity in 1918. Their headstones, aligned in long rows on the 36.5-acre site, rise in a gentle slope from the entrance to the memorial at the far end. The burial area is divided into four plots by wide paths lined by trees and beds of roses; at the intersection are a circular plaza and the flagpole.

The memorial is a curving colonnade, flanked at the ends by a chapel and a map room. It is built of rose-colored sandstone with white trim bearing sculptured details of wartime equipment. The chapel contains an altar of carved stone. Engraved upon its Walls of the Missing are 241 names. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified. The map room contains an engraved and coloured wall map portraying the military operations in this region during 1918.

  • Oise-Aisne American Memorial
  • Oise Aisne Cem
  • Oise Aisne Cemetery

Sommepy American Monument

Sommepy American Monument stands on Blank Mont Ridge. The monument is surrounded by vestiges of World War One trenches, dugouts and gun emplacements.  It is essentially a tower of golden-yellow limestone with an observation tower on top affording an excellent view of the battlefields. The monument's site was captured by American troops. It commemorates the achievements of the 70,000 Americans who served in this region during the summer and fall of 1918.

  • Sommepy Memorial from the air
  • Sommepy Memorial
  • Sommepy Memorial Trenches

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